Owners and Riders

Alpha2EQ is the single-treatment equine therapy to combat lameness and joint pain

Osteoarthritis can affect any horse at any age and continues to be an important topic of concern in equine practice because of its far-reaching impact.

Among equine joint diseases with the greatest relevance in orthopedics, osteoarthritis remains the most devastating. It is a painful, debilitating disease that can develop rapidly or slowly depending on the cause. It is common in all horse types; however, it tends to affect joints with a larger and smaller range of movement in leisure horses.

Without proper treatment, prolonged lameness may force the owner to put the horse down or out to pasture, causing potential fiscal and significant emotional strain.


When you look at your horse, what do you see? A companion, your friend, your working partner?

When your horse experiences joint pain or an inability to gait properly, it hurts each of us as well. We understand. You don’t chalk it up to the circle of life, arguing that the treatment to this problem is just too expensive or probably impossible. We’re here to show you that such a solution does exist. We’ve created some unique animal pain management technologies and regenerative medical innovations that make a profound impact on the lives of owners and an animal’s quality of life, companionship and performance.

This is who we are. We believe that no animal should ever have to live in pain.

If you’re worried about the performance or life expectancy of your equine companion or you’ve noticed unusual inflammation or joint pain, talk to your vet about Alpha2EQ as an option for treatment and preventative care.