Harnessing the Power of the Alpha-2 Macroglobulin Molecule

Over the course of a lifetime, a horse’s body experiences degrees of pain. From normal wear and tear to being pushed beyond its limits, their pain is sometimes difficult to understand, discern and treat. Alpha2EQ was developed by animal lovers to help keep our horses healthy and pain free, whether in the arena, on the fence line, or on the trail. It’s all part of our commitment to getting the most out of each day with our equine friends.


Are you an owner/rider?

We’ve created some unique animal pain management technologies and regenerative medical innovations that make a profound impact on the lives of owners and an animal’s quality of life, companionship and performance.
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Are you a trainer?

Lameness in horses can come from traumatic injuries, overuse injuries, degenerative diseases, foot-related infections or limb deformities. Strains and sprains are common in the lower limbs of competition horses due to overloading or over stretching in the tendons or ligaments.
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Our team takes great pride in following the science to deliver life-changing therapies, procedures and products that can address the animal pain management crisis for millions of animals and their owners worldwide.